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RAW NATURE: Behind The Scenes – My Equipment

On this post, I’d like to take the time to introduce you to some of the equipment I use and the reasoning behind it… 

As an avid water lover, for me the natural place to start is with the equipment I use that allows me the luxury to exist in the water and survive, by doing so, it gives me the ultimate opportunity to connect with nature above and below the waves.   

Snorkel, mask and fins.

The three most important pieces of equipment that are always the starting point for my water bound adventures.

As a modest freediver and BSAC snorkelling instructor, I understand the benefits of top quality equipment, both for ease of use and safety. To this end, I use the following:

Mask: OMER ALIEN – low volume for freediving, fits like a glove providing minimum distraction in the water.

Snorkel – SPORASUB – basic snorkel, no parts to go wrong, best for freediving.

Fins: OMER footpockets – best fit for me, give great power transfer for minimal effort. SPECIAL FINS SPEAROLINE – composite fibre for eficiency moving through the water, especially useful when snorkelling and freediving with a large camera setup. Freediving fins also provide smoother propulsion for shooting underwater footage.

Please join me next time to take a look at the other ancillary equipment which makes up my in water kit…